Glow water makes CBD blended teas that benefit a healthy lifestyle.


Why did i start glow water - how did it start?

Drinking water is essential, but sometimes we need more...I found that throwing in some herbs and drinking it warm or cold was a wonderful refreshing treat. I felt a need to get something on the market that went back to basics, no sweetness, no gimmicks.

Glow water started as a wellness tea to support an active, healthy lifestyle and evolved to incorporate the power of CBDs. It is only the most natural step forward. As the arena of cannabis grows, and new discoveries continue to change the perception of this plant, it’s important to remember the history that we have with cannabis. I wanted to bring back the age old simple act of drinking tea to incorporate the benefits into our path of wellness.

Who I am?


I am a health conscious woman living in a world surrounded by bad decisions. Tea drinking is something I’ve always enjoyed. As a child my father made me tea on winter mornings before taking me to school. Later in life I spent time in England and enjoyed cups of black tea throughout the day.

My current experience in the fitness world put me in touch with my own wellness. These tea blends are caffeine free and reflect a more healthy approach to tea drinking; to refresh, replenish and heal. Benefits of CBD have been known to us for a long time but always under the radar. Finally, the power of plants is coming to the forefront of our human life experience, and I feel strongly we can all take part with a good cup of tea!

Enjoy- Amy