How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

How to Make the Perfect Cup of Tea

We are not just talking about making the perfect cup of Glow Water, this technique can be applied to most teas.

Step 1. It starts with the water. Use clean filtered or spring water. Also make sure your tea pot of kettle is clean. It’s a good idea to clean your pot or kettle with white vinegar every week or so.

Step 2. Boil the water. This may seem simple but you want to just bring the water right to a boil and stop. Over boiling the water removes the oxygen and can make it taste flat. Also don’t microwave your water if you can avoid it as it heats the water unevenly and can produce odd tastes.

Step 3. Pour water gently over tea bag. Just a bit at first to get it we then add more fill the cup.

Step 4. Steep the tea. For glow water 4 minutes is the idea steeping or brewing time. (For other teas, a minute or two for green or white tea or longer for chai or cold brew)

Step 5. Stir, Press and remove Bag. Stir your tea bag with a spoon for a 5-10 seconds then press it against the side of the cup to extract the maximum flavor a scoop it out.

Step 6. Flavor to Taste. Add honey or lemon to taste.