Work Out Rituals: RESTORE

Work Out Rituals: RESTORE

Some of you may not be aware of this but I originally made Glow Water Tea as a workout blended tea formula- an idea that I still believe in strongly, and I’ve taken to the next level by adding CBDs. It makes total sense seeing how CBDS lend themselves so well to the body’s natural abilities to heal and repair itself.

Restore is basically the original formula of Glow Water with CBDs now added, and a bit more ginger too. Ginger has incredible anti-inflammatory effects, and tastes great when you’re exercising. The deep red “glow” is from whole flower hibiscus petals, a wonderful replenishing herb that staves off thirst and can even

lower blood pressure and speed up the metabolism. I would often serve it after teaching to my clients and everyone just loved the refreshing taste.

Did you know the great benefits of Restore CBD tea blend can be achieved before and after you workout? In addition to this amazing fact, this formula tastes great chilled- the hibiscus and ginger flavors are thirst quenching and delicious...even add lemon for even more hydration capabilities. What better way to enjoy pre and post fitness activities than with this gorgeous, refreshment. Just brew normally and let tea cool before chilling in the fridge for an hour or so- then serve over ice or just put it into your water bottle and GLOW!

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